Looking for a showroom?


Brandboxx Almere is one of the most important purchasing and information center for all retailers of the Dutch fashion industry. The center offers a quality range of fashion suppliers, with an emphasis on Young Fashion and Jeans. Typical are the 4 to 12 collections per year, for which Brandboxx Almere's central location is of inestimable value. Brandboxx Almere is also easily accessible and has more than 600 free parking places: your highway to fashion!

Brandboxx Almere offers a pleasant working atmosphere thanks to an open space with plenty of daylight and our concentration of quality brands where professionals feel at home. Brandboxx is the largest and most experienced fashion center operator in Europe. For all of your current and prospective retailers, it is the place to be!

Brandboxx is your 'link' between agents and brands; synergy in fashion contacts. The professional management team understands the specific treatment and needs of fashion suppliers, such as being able to work after normal working hours, availability of additional space for example: storage and meeting rooms. All necessary facilities are available, so you can best benefit from this unique platform for fashion! 

Are you interested? Please contact Guy Verstrepen at +31 (0)36 547 48 30 or guy.verstrepen@brandboxx.eu